A wait of 145 years has finally been rewarded.

Vienna has continued its evolution, bid farewell to its aristocracy, and made the transformation from imperial tradition to embarking on a promising future. Nevertheless, Vienna has preserved its phenomenal legacy, its music, its elegance and its stateliness. And with an incomparable nonchalance, this vibrant city has succeeded in combining the present with the grandeur of the imperial past. At the very heart of the city centre, the Grand Kinsky Vienna is now mastering the same balancing act – and accomplishes it superlatively.

  • Residing in the global city of Vienna
  • Right in the heart of the Old City
  • 5 minutes on foot from the Stephansdom
  • Surrounded by art, culture and culinary treasures

Modernity with classical perfection.

To a certain degree, aristocratic elegance is innate to the Grand Kinsky Vienna. Commissioned by Dominic, Count Kinsky, the architects Romano and Schwendenwein purposefully designed the building to reflect the magisterial self-perception of Vienna's higher nobility. The aspiration was to achieve the majesty of Roman palaces, in doing so writing its very own piece of architectural history: The Viennese Historicism of the turn of the century likewise remains the guiding light for the future of the Grand Kinsky, with timeless grandiosity remaining its predestined objective.

  • Built in 1872 for Dominic, Count Kinsky
  • Entirely modernised Gründerzeit building
  • Historical, extremely sophisticated external facade
  • Grand entrance hall with impressive open staircase

Incomparable grandeur.

Where the Ringstraße (the ring road) today encircles the inner city, there once stood a huge rampart that protected the people of Vienna up into the 19th century. The demolition of this bulwark removed a restrictive straitjacket, unleashing a wave of growth in every direction that continues to this day and beyond. The Grand Kinsky Vienna itself was born in the freedom that was left behind by the rampart: Instead of the former bastion of water art, awaiting you today are awe-inspiring, imperial apartments offering up to 500 m² of living space, and thus provide you with wholly new opportunities for developing your own potential.

  • 10 imperial apartments
  • Between approx. 53 and 503 m²
  • With 2 to 6 rooms
  • Some with open spaces and parking space in the building's very own underground garage

Your place at the top.

In 1511, in one of his most famous frescoes, the Italian painter Raphael created his vision of Mount Parnassus. There, at its peak, the Greek god Apollo gathered his muses and with them the most famous poets in the history of mankind. The rule is: The further up, the higher the ranking. And today, more than 500 years later, this rule hasn't really changed at all – the uppermost spaces remain the most beautiful and most coveted. We hope that you will find your place at the very peak, among our 4 wonderful muses in the Grand Kinsky Vienna: Theresia, Eleonora, Rosalie and Agnes.

  • 4 exclusive penthouses
  • Up to 350 m² living space and 7,5 m ceiling-height
  • Each with own integrated lift ascending to pool level
  • Expansive rooftop terraces with view over downtown Vienna

Vienna welcomes you.

Arriving in Vienna is like playing a trick on time: While the present is omnipresently striving to the future, every fibre of the imperial past exudes pride and dignity. Gothic cathedrals, splendid baroque buildings, and the historical architecture of Ringstraße border the hustle and bustle of this inspirational city – lending every moment a pinch of grandiosity, for which Vienna is famous and envied throughout the world. Now, with the Grand Kinsky Vienna, there is yet another good reason to finally arrive in this world city.

  • 8 times the world's most liveable city *
  • High political security
  • Growing business hub
  • Rising demand for luxury real estate

* According to Mercer's "Quality of Living" ranking


Neighbours of some distinction.

Living in the very best location also means being in the very best neighbourhood. In the Grand Kinsky Vienna you'll be living in direct proximity to the Palais Coburg and the Winter Palace of Prince Eugen. You will walk through the adjacent Stadtpark (city park), and dine in the world-famous Steirereck Restaurant. Within ten minutes, you'll be strolling to the Vienna State Opera, down along Kärntner Straße, to the Stephansdom Cathedral and onto the Graben district. So it's hardly a surprise to find a Marriott and a Ritz Carlton among your closest neighbours – the Stubenviertel area is quite simply one of the very best locations in Vienna.

  • Top location in the Stubenviertel area
  • With the Stadtpark, Stubentor and Palais Coburg right alongside
  • Nearby to the Vienna State Opera, Kärntner Straße and Stephansplatz
  • Outstanding transport connections (accessible via the Parkring, U-Bahn stations U1, U3, U4; S-Bahn lines 2, 71, D; 4 minutes by car to the City Airport Train)

Exclusive highlights – included of course.

Freedom is the sum of all the possibilities available to have – and since there's no bigger luxury than being free to do what your heart desires, it's one of the Grand Kinsky Vienna's main objectives to satisfy you with a broad range of options: starting with an in-house wine cellar for hosting exuberant parties and celebrations with your family, your friends and your business partners, right through to an exclusive high-class fitness centre that bids you welcome as an honorary member, the Grand Kinsky Vienna has an impressive set of skills when it comes to enhancing your daily routine.

  • Spacious in-house wine cellar for storing your private stocks of wine
  • Impressive tasting cellar for private events
  • Exclusive membership of the in-house Fitness Club Penthouse Sports
  • E-car and e-bikes free-to-use for residents
  • Digital concierge system in the entrance hall

Your arrival is already awaited.

We are delighted to introduce you to the illustrious circle of the Grand Kinsky Vienna – and to show you some impressive personalities, who would gladly become part of your future life: Behind every name a unique character awaits you, every one different in size and each with their own distinct strengths and capabilities. But they all have one thing in common: feeling responsible for your utmost satisfaction. Make your acquaintance with the countless possibilities offered by the Grand Kinsky Vienna – we promise you that the result will be a very rewarding friendship.

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Make the Grand Kinsky Vienna your very own home.

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